Nashua Youth Soccer League

Becoming a Travel Coach

Become a NYSL Travel Coach

It's EASY:

  1. Register on the website as a coach.
    1. Requires a passport type photo.
  2. Complete a SafeSport program through GotSport (about 1 hour).


NYSL Travel coaches have a higher commitment and time level than Recreational coaches.  The intent of travel is to prepare kids for play at middle school and high school levels.  This means that most teams will play or practice multiple times a week, as well as attend tournaments and playoffs.  The more time you get your team to play, the better they will be, and the more you will have prepared your team for the next level of play (within age appropriate guidelines).


However - this does not mean that soccer or coaching experience is required. 

Being a travel coach is at minimum a single year experience.  However, most coaches choose to stay with their children for many years, gaining the opportunity to make a life-long change for the children on their team.

It truly is the opportunity of a lifetime to become a mentor to so many children, and see where and how they develop.


  • Goal

    The goal is to have fun, teach skills, and develop the team to higher competition levels.  Travel coaches serve Nashua by helping to develop future Middle School and High School players.  

  • Leadership

    Be a mentor to the kids.  Challenge the kids to the level they can obtain.

  • Philosophy

    The coach of a travel team has the support of NYSL and the leeway to develop their own teaching philosophy.  Many of them have soccer background, while others will obtain additional licenses.  

    As a coach of a travel team, you have the ability to select children that meet your team design, run practices as you wish, and reach for the level of commitment and competitiveness you wish.  Some teams like to play against stronger opponents than town recreational leagues, while others shoot for competitive elite level play.

    Define the goal of your team - find your coaching philosophy - and reach for your goal.  

    NYSL will support you in your philosophy - never hesitate to reach out for resources, opponents, and knowledge.

  • Practices

    Many travel teams have 2 or more practices a week that can run longer than recreational teams.

    In addition, coaches may look for additional opportunities to run practices, events, and scrimmages to develop a strong team.

  • Opponents

    Travel teams play against other NH and New England towns.  For a committed enough travel team, there is a rare opportunity to compete Nationally.

  • Tournaments

    At minimum, Travel teams play 2 tournaments a year, both located within an hour drive.  However, coaches may find additional tournaments against other teams and leagues.

    Playoffs will happen for U12 and up, normally scheduled for the first weekend in November and the first weekend before school ends in June.

  • Development Pathways

    Many travel kids will go on to play Middle school and High school soccer.  Coaches must recognize and support this goal, with time, training, and commitment.  

Additional Info

Getting Started

  1. Review Rules and Conduct info at:
  2. Ensure GotSport profiles up to date.
  3. Ensure players have birth certficates and passport-type photos in their GotSport profile.
    1. Your child is guaranteed a spot!
  4. Think about:
    1. How much time investment do you want for your team?
    2. What level of competition do you want to be at - elite?  highly competitive?  town?
    3. What is your soccer style, and what skills do your players need to succeed?
  5. Review:
    1. General Coaching Resources
    2. Division Specific Information
    3. Consider More Training with New Hampshire Soccer Association

Time Commitment

As you may have guessed, time commitment varies from team to team.  However, overall, expect to devote 3 - 5 hours a week (split with your co-coaches) to manage a travel team.

  1. Developing your skills as a coach.
  2. Running practices
  3. Registering for tournaments
  4. Traveling to and attending games
  5. Additional practices, scrimmages, in preparation for tournaments

For coaches and players that are dedicated, the following other competitive opportunities exist, which may take additional time:

  • Play in extra tournaments against other teams, such as the New England Club Soccer League.
  • Opportunities to scrimmage local teams, including highly ranked Public School teams.
  • Professional development for coaches, including additional licensing.
  • Additional practice time and space.
  • Access to professional trainers.

In short, your team is only limited by your own coaching philosophy.  


At least one coach needs to be at every practice (to include practice run by trainer). If you have a parent that is willing to help out, but does not want to be listed as a coach, but will be there without one of the coaches, then he or she needs to register in NYSL as a coach.
You may schedule indoor practices through Tyngsboro Sports Center or other indoor soccer facility. We can also reserve time in Nashua school gymnasiums for practice.


  • All teams, make sure you have the official roster, player cards, and coach's cards before your first game.
  • Only coaches with a current coach's card can be on sidelines. Coach's cards must be worn on a lanyard. Coaches from another NYSL travel team can be written in on the roster and be on sideline. (Maximum number of coaches on a team's sideline is 4).
  • Players can be club passed by handwriting their name onto the roster. Club passed players must have their player cards and a copy of their primary team roster.
  • Game schedules can be found through link from the NHSL website.


For teams in 9v9 or 11v11 divisions (U12 and up), teams in the top 50% of each division usually make playoffs.

Playoffs are normally scheduled for the first weekend in November and the first weekend before school ends in June.

In Season Notes

Coaches Please Remember to Submit scores after each home game on New Hampshire Soccer league website.

On top right corner you click on Score Entry

Then click on Enter Score Here

For all games EVENT PIN number 6319 

Then you will need to enter the game number which you can get the game number from the schedule tab or from the schedule from got soccer


Weather Related Game changes -Home fields may be closed by one or more of of Parks and Rec,  NYSL Chair, Dir of Fields, and Dir of Travel.  Road games are controlled by the home team. Games cancelled by clubs for weather need to be cancelled at least 3 hours prior to game in addition to contacting the league. Referees are empowered to cancel games at game time or during games. Games must be stopped for lightning/thunder and may resume after 30 minutes without lightning/thunder.

Weather Change -

Also contact the other team.

League Support

Travel coaches have more independence than recreational coaches:

  • Request professional trainers
  • Find and attend tournaments
  • Schedule practices, request space for practice
  • Attend tryouts and find children that fit their team
  • Negotiate the competitive division their team should be in
  • Request scrimmages

In all of this, NYSL will walk with you.  We will help you with all questions, registration, whatever you need.  Your job is to coach and develop players to the next level, ours is to support you.


Just ASK!