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So You've Decided to Coach? Now What!

The most important part of coaching, at all levels, is that you are a facilitator.  You are there to build the children up, breeding success on success.  Doing so will set the children on a path to lifelong enjoyment of the sport itself, and offers you the opportunity to watch their growth at all levels of the game.

  1. Please take the time to read this short article from an experienced coach!
  2. Look through the rest of this page, reading the code of conduct and ethics below.
  3. Consider additional licensing and training - the courses are short, and they provide a lot of additional practice for you.
  4. Look through the specific division information NYSL provides.
  5. Consider digging into the soccer skills resources to learn more.


NYSL fully supports coaches that want to get additional licenses and or training in HOW to coach.  We will completely reimburse the cost of the course for any coach that shows us a completed certificate.  Doing this will make you a more effective coach at all levels!

Please see the schedule here:

Code of Conduct and Ethics

Soccer Skills

There is a wealth of information available on this web site to help you develop soccer drills for your practices.  Videos are very effective at showing proper form or for demonstrating a specific soccer skill or move.  

The best starting point is our very own NYSL Presentations:

General Soccer Videos

Throughout the web are many learning opportunities.  Below, we highlight some of the best resources:

Coaching and Lesson Links