Nashua Youth Soccer League

Becoming a Rec Coach

Become a NYSL recreation Coach

It's EASY! Becoming an NYSL coach may be the most rewarding thing you've done.  It also may be the easiest.  No experience necessary!

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  2. Attend coaches training - we offer this before Every Season!
  3. View Resources at:
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  • Goal

    The goal is to have fun, teach skills, and develop the team to an understanding of soccer.

  • Leadership

    Be a mentor to the kids.  Challenge the kids to the level they can achieve.

  • Philosophy

    Recreational teams have a fun based philosophy.  They are an ideal entry point for a child that has never played soccer before, and coaches recognize this.  Many recreational players are just enjoying moving with their friends, and are looking for an environment to have fun in with a low commitment level.

    Recreational coaches recognize this, and are prepared to teach applicable skills, while maintaining a more social atmosphere.  Game based drills are often used to enhance the atmosphere, and coaches ensure that everyone plays a similar amount of time during a game.  Games are often less strict, especially at the lower levels, but never let it be said that games are not as competitive and passionate as travel.

  • Practices

    Practices are no more than 2 times a week, most U10 and above teams practice no more than one 90 minute session a week.  No additional practices are held for U8 and under.

  • Opponents

    Recreational teams will play games against other Greater Nashua Area Recreational teams, with no travel required.  The games are in the same spot and time every week.

  • Tournaments

    All recreational teams have access to the end of season Jamboree, which is essentially a large party for our league.

    U12 and up will also play a small tournament here against other teams in their division.

    No additional tournaments are attended by Recreational Teams.

  • Development Pathways

    Recreational players go on to develop a life-long love of movement and soccer.  It is the perfect avenue for a physically active life.  Some of them may choose to move to travel, having awakened a love of soccer.  Many stay in Rec through U19 - giving players a chance to play for many years.


At least one coach needs to be at every practice. If you have a parent that is willing to help out, but does not want to be listed as a coach, but will be there without one of the coaches, then he or she needs to register in NYSL as a coach.

Time Commitment

Most recreation coaches have a low time commitment:

  • U4,5,6,7,8 - 1 hour on a single day
  • U10 and up - 1 - 2 practices a week plus 1 game

Each team has multiple coaches - so being able to make every session is NOT a requirement.

Required Experience

No experience is necessary to coach.  Some of the best coaches never played soccer at all.

  1. We provide lesson plans for all skill levels.
  2. We link to content easily available and digestable for you in media.
  3. Our directors are ALWAYS there to answer questions.
  4. If you decide you want more experience, we will reimburse for training courses!



All game setup and scheduling is done by the league.  You just show up, shake hands, and model good sportsmanship to players, parents and coaches!