Nashua Youth Soccer League


Recreational Soccer

Nashua Youth Soccer League Recreational program is open to all children in Nashua and surrounding towns (The Greater Nashua Area).  It runs 2x a year, from September through October, and from April through June, with consideration for school schedules.

The program is focused around a game based approach to learning that focuses on the whole person and exploration.

To that end, NYSL employs:

  • Play based curriculum - to encourage all children's natural love of exploration and learning
  • Positive Role Models - our coaches are parents like you, supported by the training of NYSL
  • Focus on Both Physical and Mental Skills - Life is not just about being the best at a physical skill.  To that end, NYSL uses soccer to teach confidence, conflict resolution, social play, teamwork, and other skills necessary for the whole child.
  • Fun Environment - If we aren't having Fun, kids aren't developing a life long love of movement.
  • Safety Checks – Background checks are performed for all coaches and volunteers to ensure the environment is safe.

Volunteer Driven

  • By the People, For the People

    From Directors down to the Coaches, Nashua Youth Soccer is driven by the people of the Greater Nashua Area, For the people of the Greater Nashua Area (ie - Nashua and its surrounding towns).

  • Coaching

    You will be asked to coach.  No if, ands, or buts.  The league always needs coaches to support the children of our friends, families, and neighbors.

    For More Info, please see:

  • Experience

    No experience required.  Nashua Youth Soccer supports its coaches and will work with them to ensure that they have training, access to experts, and guaranteed play slots for their children.  Coaches are our most important volunteer members.




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