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In addition to the NYSL recreation program, NYSL offers a travel program (NYSL Travel).
NYSL Travel was started with a few principles in mind.

  • Opportunity

    Give invested young players an opportunity to play soccer at the next competitive level above recreational soccer and offer this opportunity with a cost as low as possible.

  • Skills development

    Improve the overall skill level of players by training of our parent volunteer coaches, use of certified trainers, additional training and playing opportunities and a focus on player skills. We believe all players develop well working hard with proper drills and focus in an environment that supports development.

  • Fun

    It sounds obvious, which might be why so many people forget. Pay-to-Play programs can get focused on revenue and many professional coaches can become focused on building their resume and creating revenue streams or coaching at higher levels. They have different needs and priorities. We prioritize making sure all of our players are having fun learning the game.

General Information

You will see cost is a repeating element in the focus of our program. This program was founded on the idea that parents shouldn't need to pay $2,000.00 to $4,000.00 annually for their child to play soccer and develop skills. We read the literature and spoke with professionals to understand what was important to player development. It is about practice. The more good practices a player has, the more they develop. Good practices require new ideas/skills to broaden a player's breadth of ability and repetition to develop muscle memory to execute skills on the field with the briefest of thoughts. Good practices require a good environment - teammates and coaches focused on getting the most out of each practice. Talented teammates who can challenge each other in practice to push each other to improve. Nothing about good practices requires money.

Due to the higher competitive level of the travel program compared to recreational soccer, players are evaluated during a try-out and assigned to a team based on skill level, attitude, and potential team chemistry. Unfortunately, not all players will be assigned to a travel team.  Chemistry and attitude can be more important than skill. Good practices require a good environment and one bad attitude can upset a good environment. Players who make practices more difficult either with disruptive or disinterested attitudes may be asked to leave during or after a season. We do our best to make space for everyone we can. We encourage those players that are not assigned to a travel team to continue to participate with the rec program and take advantage of training sessions and clinics offered by NYSL. 

The league year consists of both a Fall and Spring season. It is expected that players will play in both seasons. Travel teams will compete within the New Hampshire Soccer League (NHSL), under the New Hampshire Soccer Association (NHSA) and will follow the rules of US Youth Soccer, including calendar-year age divisions.  Each season will consist of 7 regular season games, playoffs for the competitive divisions, and a tournament. (Memorial day Tournament in the spring and Columbus day tournament in the fall).  Half of the regular season games are played in Nashua and half are away.  Most of our opponents are from nearby towns within an hour drive, but there is the potential to play against teams further away.

Teams practice twice a week starting in late August for the fall season and March for spring season. Some teams will have voluntary practices in the winter - more practice produces more development. In order for our travel teams to compete at the next competitive level, our coaches have earned licenses through U.S Youth Soccer and we may supplement their practices with training from professional trainers. Additional, preseason practices, clinics, trainings, and other team development events may also occur.  The registration fees for NYSL travel are higher than our recreational program and are used to pay the cost of tournament entry fees, league entry fees, certified trainers and coaches, equipment, and facilities (NYSL management is not paid).

Like all programs of NYSL, the travel program is run by volunteers.  If you are interested in assisting NYSL in the travel program, please reach out to Director of Travel and/or assist Director of Travel.  They can be contacted via this website's contacts page.

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